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Trifolium pratense: Red Clover 30g

Trifolium pratense: Red Clover 30g

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Clover, aka Trifolium spp. is known as the blood purifying weed, making it perfect as a spring tonic. You can bet this plant is growing just about anywhere grass is, so it is very easy to forage. A great source of beta-carotene, vitamins C and B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9 and 12! It is also rich in minerals and biotin. (Making a great herb for healthy hair and skin!) Clover is gaining a reputation for it's ability to help the body fight chronic degenerative disease (such as cancer) and even to shrink tumours. It can help lower blood pressure and is a diuretic and expectorant. Clover is a cherished fertility increasing herb as well as a mothering herb to help support healthy lady bits.
You can pick and eat the entire plant, they are a member of the pea family and have a similar slightly sweet flavour that makes them a delicious addition to salads, wraps and smoothies. Toss the flower heads onto your dishes to add a beautiful garnish. Make a tea by steeping the leaves and flower heads. Encourage your children to appreciate wild food by tasting the sweet nectar from the stems and flowers.
Magically, Clover brings luck, success, protection and wards against hexes. Clover is ruled by Mercury (ideal to help balance out those retrograde vibes!) Clover is attributed to the element Air and the diety Rowan.
Scatter red clover into your bath to increase financial prosperity. Wear it in an amulet to draw success, abundance and luck.
Any way you choose, you will benefit from introducing this abundant and nutritional food and magic into your home apothecary.


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