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Rubus idaeus: Raspberry Leaf 30g

Rubus idaeus: Raspberry Leaf 30g

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This raspberry leaf is grown and harvested from our herb garden.

In traditional herbalism, this is the go-to for all things feminine: PMS, cramping, irritability, depression, to increase fertility, tone the uterus, for expectant mothers throughout pregnancy for morning sickness and even to increase milk production. A study done on pregnant women found that those who took raspberry leaf throughout their pregnancy had shorter labor and less instances of c-section and forceps births. Seriously, it's basically herbal wonder woman! Raspberry leaf is high in magnesium, vitamin C and antioxidants which make it ideal as an overall elixir. You can drink it in tea form, but if you want to really nourish your lady cells make a strong infusion. To do that, in the evening, take about half a cup of dried leaves (or fresh in the summer), put it in a large quart size mason jar, pour freshly boiled water over top. Let it cool, then lid it and let it steep over night. Add a dollop of raw honey if you like a little sweetness. In the morning, strain it and put it in the fridge. Drink the whole thing throughout the day and repeat for a week.


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