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rosa canina: Rose Hips Whole 30 grams

rosa canina: Rose Hips Whole 30 grams

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Rosa Canina: Rosehips are the fruit from the wild rose and one of the most valuable additions to your herbal apothecary. They are very high in vitamin C and beta carotene and can be used many ways. We harvest them all fall, some people prefer to wait until after the first frost, especially if they'll be used for food. We use them in our products of course, but also in soups, stews, tea, smoothies, cough syrups and they make a beautiful jam or jelly.
Roses have a rich history in all cultures, the most common thread being that they symbolise love and beauty. In European folklore, rosehips were commonly strung as beads and carried for good luck and were used as offerings to summon helpful spirits.
Rosehip began to be cultivated by the people of Persia, Greece, Rome and has a history of use in traditonal Chinese medicine as well. Rosehips have up to 60 times more vitamin C than any other citrus fruit and are a source of retinoids, the natural retinol. (Retinol is widely used in anti ageing preparations.) Energetically, Rosehips are feminine and ruled by Aphrodite, the element of water, the planet Venus and the heart chakra.
To harvest, make sure you wear tough gloves and bring snips, just remember to pick no more than a third from a bush, to ensure the plant doesn't suffer and the birds have plenty for their winter larders.


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