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Urtica dioica: Stinging Nettle Leaves 30 grams

Urtica dioica: Stinging Nettle Leaves 30 grams

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Basically a natural apothecary in itself, nettle's benefits are seemingly
countless due to it's high iron, vitamin and mineral content (among a host of
other benefits.) traditionally used As a spring tonic, it has a slow acting
nutritive effect to gently cleanse the body of metabolic waste.
Extremely high in iron, along with a high vitamin C content,
nettles help the body to get the most out of your protein intake which
is ideal for fatigue or low energy. Nettles can alleviate
arthritis symptoms by promoting the elimination of uric acid from
the joints with an alkalizing diuretic ability. Nettles help treat
allergies, immune system issues, prostate health and much more.

Nettle magic is transformation through nurturing and self-worth,
like that of a healthy, loving mother. She reminds us of our power to
shift our thoughts and deeds into a place of nurturing. Nettle can
bring out the mother in all of us, and our world will be the better for it.
In astrology, Nettle is a masculine plant and is governed by scorpio,
Mars and the element of Fire.

Nettle was once widely used for its stem fibers which were retted and
spun like flax. In Denmark, burial shrouds made of the
resulting cloth have been found dating back 5000 years or more. Native
Americans used the fiber for making fishing nets and for cordage.

To keep evil away from your home, sweep with a broom made of nettle
or add to protection amulets, incense and spells.

commonly found in moist shady places in Europe, asia and north america, nettles
are a perennial that can reach 4 feet. the Leaves are opposite, heart shaped and
deeply toothed. The Leaves and stems are very hairy with both stinging and
non-stinging hairs. The stinging hairs are made of silica, and break off in
the skin when touched injecting a variety of chemicals into the skin,
including histamine, which cause a painful reaction. If stung when harvesting,
remove hairs and treat with a paste of baking soda and water or a chewed
up dock or plantain leaf in a pinch.


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